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I bring 4 hair defaults. I first saw Sanneke's retexture of Newsea Long Love Letter mesh and thought that it would make a perfect maid replacement hair. I know, I know there are a gazillion maid hair defaults already, but I really love this one. I think I can get a use out of this hair for my cas made sims too, so I've unhidden the maid hair. All categories and young adults enabled. YF-EF.

Then I thought that the same mesh would look really cute on kids, so I defaulted cfhairhattricorn_red (female only) with it. Now little girls can wear ribbons in their hair to go with the pirate outfits <3 CF only.

Third default replaces fhairshortcute with Io's gorgeous retextures of Rose 111-1 mesh. I think I managed to stay pretty close to the original with this one :D This mesh has two custom colors that are only accessible while changing appearance in game, so I recolored the hair in Io's bastet and Pooklet's custom hazardous and replaced them. TF-EF. 

Finally the fourth hair, mhairrocker, has been replaced with Trapping's retexture of JulieJ's 3t2 EP07Long mesh. I think this one is one of my favorite male hairs ever. It manages to make Goopy look charismatic :D mhairrocker also has a custom color that shows up in change appearance screen, so I again recolored the hair in Io's bastet and Pooklet's custom hazardous and replaced. Since there is only one custom color in game, you have to pick between the two! CF-EF.

As always, all hairs come with two colors options: dynamite-depth charge-volatile-pyrotechnic and dynamite-shrapnel-volatile-pyrotechnic. Additionally, you have to choose between bastet and hazardous for mhairrocker's custom color. Lazy previews this way:


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afhairhatmaid > Download Newsea Long Love Letter Depth Charge Shrapnel

cfhairhattricorn_red > Download Newsea Long Love Letter Depth Charge / Shrapnel

fhairshortcute > 
Download Rose 111-2 Depth Charge / Shrapnel

mhairrocker > Download JulieJ EP07Long Depth Charge+Bastet / Depth Charge+Hazardous / Shrapnel+Bastet / Shrapnel+Hazardous


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Ugh, I don't want to see another polo ever again. Replaced the adultteen and elder versions of the fugly maxis polos this time. The separated MistyBlue mesh is by Trapping and Skell.

Now, the colors. Trapping had 9 colors, I put them on the teen and elder meshes, plus added 7 extra recolors of my own for the recolors to measure up to the bazillion polos in game. Additionally, I slapped MistyBlue's original plaid recolors into the top only mesh to use as custom. 

That means the defaults come in the plain colors, TM-EM. Two options: download the defaults + plaid custom recolors or download the whole thing as custom, but don't forget to download Trapping's original 9 adult recolors, they are not included. Le lazy previews:



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am/em/tmtopshortsleevecollar > Download Default Solids + Custom Plaids

                                                   > Download All Custom + Trapping's AM Colors


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 2 hairs only and I'm running late so I'll make this quick. I've replaced hairlowbun with Almighty Hat's retexture (Rags to Royalty) of Helga 80. It keeps the original hair style almost exactly, classy, practical and uptight, only prettier :D TF-EF.

Secondly, hairrosettes. This one was always on my to do list because I hate it with a passion and I wanted a short afro instead of long dreads since the hair is originally short. Trapping's 3t2 Wavy Afro conversion was perfect for it. CF- EF.

They come with two color options: dynamite-depth charge-volatile-pyrotechnic and dynamite-shrapnel-volatile-pyrotechnic. Have some lazy previews:



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fhairlowbun > Download Helga 80 Depth Charge / Shrapnel

fhairrosettes > Download 3t2 Wavy Afro Depth Charge / Shrapnel


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3 hairs this time. The first is hairhatsnow_pink (female only), it replaces the pink Seasons snow hat with Time Paradox's retexture of Newsea Counting Stars. All ages, PF-EF. The little braid looks especially adorable on toddlers, I desperately needed some cute default meshes for my toddlers. Since it was at first a hat mesh, it was only everyday + outerwear, but the default is edited to show up in all categories.

The second was a request on GoS, hairhatpropeller (male only), the fugly hat wayyy back of the catalogue. Since I had my eye on that mesh for awhile now I jumped to replace it with Nekosayuri's all ages edit of Yuri's 3t2 conversion of the Raon 14 mesh. It replaces CM-EM. It's categorized as everyday, athletic and outerwear since I don't think dudes will swim or go to weddings with this hat on.

The last one is a perfect, perfect hair to replace the fugly in game french braid, hairfrenchbraid: Trapping's retexture of the Skysims 130. Replaces TF-EF. 

All hairs come with two color options: dynamite-depth charge-volatile-pyrotechnic and dynamite-shrapnel-volatile-pyrotechnic. A few lazy previews:


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fhairhatsnow_pink > Download Newsea Counting Stars Depth Charge / Shrapnel

mhairhatpropeller > Download Raon 14 Depth Charge / Shrapnel

fhairfrenchbraid > 
Download Skysims 130 Depth Charge / Shrapnel


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Two hairs that I always desperately wanted to replace this time, fuzzylongcp and barrette. I first replaced fuzzylongcp with Time Paradox's retexture of the Alesso Xo mesh, only after replacing did I realize that the mesh is shorter at the back than on the front. I still like the hair, but I wanted a different replacement and then came across Almighty Hat's Pirate Queen of Newsea's Nightwish mesh, and replaced fuzzylongcp with that too. You have two choices.

Replaced barrette with Time Paradox's retexture of the Newsea Goldleaf mesh.

All defaults replace ages through CF-EF. Two color options for each default: dynamite-depth charge-pyrotechnic-volatile and dynamite-shrapnel-pyrotechnic-volatile. A few lazy previews:


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fhairbarrette > Download Newsea Goldleaf Depth Charge / Shrapnel

fhairfuzzylongcp > Download Alesso Xo Depth Charge / Shrapnel

            > Download Newsea Nightwish Depth Charge / Shrapnel


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 Replaced only the swim briefs textures in the underwear mesh this time. The original red swimwear is by oepu, here. The other four are recolors by me. There's another default made using the oepu swimwear but I wanted my own because i didn't like the other colors sans red and the other default replaced both the underwear and swimsuits with the same thing. This default will also work with sexy feet, if you have it.
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I saw that there wasn't a suitable default replacement for ambodyhiphophood, so I defaulted Trapping's FtM conversion of an Amaryll atletic outfit, here.

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I thought I would expand the set a bit and share the defaults I made for myself.

I use hazel instead of dark blue since I don't like two blues as defaults but many options are included for you.


Brown: 1 / 2 / 5
Dark Blue: 2 / 3 / 5 / 7
Green: 4 / 10
Blue: 3 / 9
Gray: 8 / 9

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