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theseredshoes ([personal profile] theseredshoes) wrote2014-05-18 03:58 pm

DEFAULT fhairravekimono & DEFAULT fhairhatcap

Two hair defaults and I'm running late so will make this quick. 

I replaced fhairravekimono with Trapping's retexture of Newsea Sexy Bomb. I'm aware that this mesh looks nothing like the original, but I'm not sure I would want anything resembling the original and I love this hair, so yeah. TF-EF.

fhairhatcap has been replaced with Trapping's amazing curly poofy retexture of HP's Natural Curls mesh. This one had 15 groups. 15! It took ages to make. TF-EF.

Defaults come in dynamite-depth charge-volatile-pyrotechnic-mailbomb. fhairravekimono also has two custom maxis colors in the custom bin, and those have been replaced with timebomb and bastet.




(newsea sexy bomb)

(hysterical paroxysm natural curls)


fhairravekimono > Download Newsea Sexy Bomb

fhairhatcap > Download Hysterical Paroxysm Natural Curls