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Another clothing update. Those hideous basegame shorts with socks. This will be kind of tl;dr but it's necessary so bear with me.

ambottomlongshorts had 9 colors. I don't need that many shorts in game so I used two different meshes, 6 recolors have been replaced with Bunheadsbun's shorts and 3 with Adele's Booted Jeans. The shorts can be used as everyday and athletic wear and the booted jeans can be used as everyday and outerwear (yay for categorizing separates! :D) They have correct shoe sounds (normal & heavy boot, respectively). Also comes with an untucked option because I know some of you will prefer it that way. YM-AM.  

tmbottomkneeshorts had 6 colors. I replaced them with the teen versions of the same meshes, 4 with Bunheadsbun's shorts and 2 with Adele's Booted Jeans. Same as above, also has an untucked option. TM.

(Credits: Bunheadsbun's AM Shorts, Sanneke's TM conversion, Adele Booted Jeans, Fanseelamb's untucked AM conversion, Trapping's untucked TM conversion.)

The AM and TM defaults are all in one file because they texture reference each other, otherwise it would have been an enormous pain in the ass. I don't know if I will ever make them into two separate files, but you can ask me if you'd prefer. There are two options: tucked and untucked. Please download one of them only.



(bunheadsbuns shorts/adele booted jeans)


ambottomlongshorts & tmbottomkneeshorts > Download Bunhead Shorts/Adele Booted Jeans Tucked / Untucked



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