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theseredshoes ([personal profile] theseredshoes) wrote2014-04-08 11:23 pm

DEFAULT mhairmessy & DEFAULT mhairdreadlocklong

Really quick update with two defaults. These are based on other people's defaults so the real credit goes to them, I just replaced some textures/added ages/edited them a bit.

mhairmessy has been replaced with Martini's retexture of Newsea Chain Reaction mesh. All credit goes to zundie, all I did was change the textures into pooklet ones. TM-EM.

mhairdreadlocklong has been replaced with Trapping's conversion EP09 Dreadslong 3t2 mesh. All credit goes to tangsims, all I did was change the textures into pooklet ones and add some ages. TM-EM.

As always they come with two color options: dynamite-depth charge-volatile-pyrotechnic and dynamite-shrapnel-volatile-pyrotechnic.



(newsea chain reaction)

(trapping ep09 dreadslong 3t2)


mhairmessy > Download Newsea Chain Reaction Depth Charge / Shrapnel

mhairdreadlocklong > Download Trapping Ep09 Dreadslong 3t2 Depth Charge / Shrapnel