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theseredshoes ([personal profile] theseredshoes) wrote2014-03-09 02:34 pm

DEFAULT puhairbald_swirl

Just a quick toddler default update because I'm running late. puhairbald_swirl has been replaced with Mel's adorable 3t2 Romanza Pixie. Two options: Download the bow version for girls and bowless for boys, or download the unisex bowless version. Toddler only, obviously.

They come with two color options: dynamite-depth charge-volatile-pyrotechnic and dynamite-shrapnel-volatile-pyrotechnic. Lazy previews:



(mel 3t2 romanza pixie bow)

(mel 3t2 romanza pixie bowless)


pfhairbald_swirl > Download Female Mel 3t2 Romanza Pixie Bow Depth Charge / Shrapnel

pmhairbald_swirl > Download Male Mel 3t2 Romanza Pixie Bowless Depth Charge / Shrapnel

puhairbald_swirl > 
Download Unisex 3t2 Romanza Pixie Bowless Depth Charge / Shrapnel