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Alright, I'll try to explain this as clearly as possible. When I first discovered MContesse's Afro Puffs, I thought that they looked absolutely adorable on children and toddlers, but I couldn't use it because of the enormous gappy parts in the alpha. After a lot of fiddling and hair pulling, I managed to alpha edit it and pook it in Nouk's afro textures. Binned and comes in dynamite, depth charge, volatile, pyrotechnic and mailbomb, with different colored hairclips. PF-EF. 

And then I decided to replace fhairpoofs with it. You'll find two separate packages in the default file, one replacement for CF only and one for TF-EF. That's because I thought some of you might want to keep only the child age. CF-EF.

Thirdly, mhairclosecrop has been replaced with Trapping's 3t2 conversion of Mod Twist Store mesh. Even though I don't mind that maxis hair, I needed it for correspondence with my toddler defaults. CF-EF.

Speaking of toddler defaults, I've been wanting to default the toddler hairs for awhile now, so I'm presenting my first contribution  for that, the kinky toddler hair! I used two different meshes to replace puhairpuff, one for females and one for males :D My retexture of MContesse's Afro Puffs here replaces the female version and Trapping's 3t2 conversion of Mod Twist Store mesh replaces the male version. PF only.

All defaults come with two color options: dynamite-depth charge-volatile-pyrotechnic and dynamite-shrapnel-volatile-pyrotechnic. Here be lazy previews:


(mcontesse afro puffs)

(trapping 3t2 mod twist)

(mcontesse afro puffs)

(trapping 3t2 mod twist)


fhairpoofs > Download MContesse Afro Puffs Depth Charge / Shrapnel

mhairclosecrop > Download Trapping 3t2 Mod Twist Depth Charge / Shrapnel

pfhairpuff > 
Download MContesse Afro Puffs Depth Charge / Shrapnel

pmhairpuff > Download Trapping 3t2 Mod Twist Depth Charge / Shrapnel

Download MContesse Afro Puffs Pookleted


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