Mar. 8th, 2014

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 I've replaced all colors for mhairhatsnow (male only) this time. This useless hat has been bugging me for awhile. 5 meshes replace 5 different colors, all categories. Since this hat is all ages, I've replaced it with meshes that are guarenteed to look cute on toddlers, not too elaborate or long, as I hate seeing long, styled hair on toddlers.

1) mhairhatsnow_navy has been replaced with Trapping's 3t2 conversion of the Short Feather Cowlick mesh. PM-EM.

2) mhairhatsnow_darkbrown has been replaced with Martini's 3t2 conversion of the Ginko 4 mesh. I'm not crazy about the textures of this one, but I love the mesh. it's the only retexture I could find. If I find better textures I'll update the default with them. PM-EM.

3) mhairhatsnow_darkred has been replaced with Almighty Hat's retexture (Stuff and Nonsense) of Mel's 3t2 Loose Curls mesh. This hair has some alpha issues, but I don't really mind because it's too cute and usable to let go of. PM-EM.

4) mhairhatsnow_white has been replaced with my pookleted version of Ephemera's retextures of Fanseelamb's Short Sweet Bedhead mesh. This one was a pain in the ass to pooklet and default, it had 9 groups D: PM-EM.

5) mhairhatsnow_green has been replaced with Almighty Hat's Pook'd version (Keep It Simple) of the Hysterical Paroxysm's Cherub mesh/Alfred Askew's Model B Textures. PM-EM.

All defaults come with two color options: dynamite-depth charge-volatile-pyrotechnic and dynamite-shrapnel-volatile-pyrotechnic. Lazy previews are lazy:


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mhairhatsnow_navy > Download Trapping 3t2 Short Feather Cowlick Depth Charge / Shrapnel

mhairhatsnow_darkbrown > Download 3t2 Ginko 4 Depth Charge / Shrapnel

mhairhatsnow_darkred  > 
Download Mel 3t2 Loose Curls Depth Charge / Shrapnel

mhairhatsnow_white > Download Fanseelamb Short Sweet Bedhead Depth Charge / Shrapnel

mhairhatsnow_green > Download Hysterical Paroxysm Cherub Depth Charge / Shrapnel



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